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Emerald Green Community Park History

On January 17, 1984, Tim Ward proposed EEWA accept ownership of lots 13 & 21 for sum $1.00 and payment of past and future taxes. The property was to be held for development of public parks for the common good.  This was the beginning of our park!

On March 13, of the same year the board held a special meeting with homeowners in regards to the two lots, and the property was eventually recorded under the name of the Association.  In September of 1984, a unanimous vote at the annual meeting in favor of developing the park started the process and eventually developed in into the park we have today.  In all services were provided by Falco Nursery, RC Boarders, and Young's nursery.  


On August 23, 1985 the park held its opening day and served cake and soda to homeowners.  The Board named the Rose garden after Bob Borders and a sign was erected in his name.

We hope you care for and enjoy our community park. It was a labor of love and community effort to plan, design, and build. Your Emerald Estates Water Association member fees pay for it's maintenance and upkeep. We believe it is important to understand where and how this park started so we hope you enjoy this look back on how the park began and what it looked like. As you will see it was truly a community effort.

Communication on the Park from Concept to Completion

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