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Emerald Green Community Park

Emerald Green Park is owned and operated by Emerald Estates Water Association (EEWA) which is funded by all of the local homeowner members via their membership fees. Everything you can do to keep the park clean helps keep or costs down. The more we have to pay to clean, repair, replace, or pick up dog waste the more it costs the association which means the local homeowners. Thank you for your assistance keeping our park and community a wonderful place to live.

Emerald Green Community Park Rules

1. Dogs Must Be: Licensed, Leashed and Under Control. Kootenai County Ordinance 5.1.106.
2. Please Use Dog Waste Stations: No Other Pets Allowed.
3. No Overnight Use, Camping, Littering or Vandalism.
4. No Golf, Archery, Bounce Houses or Hazardous Activities.
5. No Playing in Garden or Climbing Trees.
6. No Motorized Vehicles, Weapons, Fireworks or Open Fires.
7. Please Park on the Pavement, not on the Grass to avoid damaging sprinkler heads.
8. The Park is Closed During Mowing for Safety Reasons.
9. The Park is Closed from Dusk to Dawn.

It is not the responsibility of the Board to police loose dogs and negligent dog owners.  However, since we have all received complaints about dogs in the neighborhood, we would like to relay information from the Kootenai County Sheriff, Animal Control Department regarding this problem.


The following are COUNTY ORDINANCES, paraphrased of course;

•Dogs are to be restrained or confined when on your own property.  This may be thru verbal commands or training to prevent them from straying off of your property.

•Dogs are required to be on a leash when not on your own personal property. 

•Dogs are to be licensed by the county. (This may be done at the Humane Society).

•A citation may be issued for dogs barking excessively, day or night. 


Please, if anyone has a complaint about a dog running loose, or a dog barking excessively, call the Kootenai County Animal Control office: 208-446-1300 (24/7). Do not call a board member. Please be a responsible neighbor and clean up after your dog.


We would like to thank those responsible pet owners who keep their dogs in their yard, on a leash while walking, and clean up after them.


An agreement for maintenance of the park bid out every two years.  
For more information on this please call

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